Another coin in the tickle meter!

If your doggy had pocket money and understood that it could be exchanged for goods and services, what would he/she spend it on? Or perhaps I should ask what would he/she spend it on if they were NOT allowed to use it to buy more treats?

I think Biggles would use his hard-earned pennies to buy more tummy tickle time. Actually when I say tummy tickle, I guess I really mean chest massage, but whatever you want to call it, it’s his favorite thing when he’s lounging on the sofa. A good tickle session is accompanied by wild, rolling eyes that make him look like a possessed child from a horror movie. And if you stop before he’s ready, he’ll drag you back in by contorting into an even more alluring pose.

With Beanie things aren’t so clear cut. She might spend some of her pocket money to buy a longer lie-in on a morning..


Getting out of bed is sooo over-rated!

She might even contribute to our decorating fund, because smearing muddy paws over a dirty wall soon loses its appeal. On the other hand if it’s been recently painted, well a girl’s just gotta do and all that..



I’m pretty sure she’d also invest some of her cash in more toilet rolls. You just can’t beat a good toilet roll when you’re in the mood for it..




Come to think of it, maybe Biggles would consider swapping cash for loo rolls too..


Oh yeah, money well spent!

Anyway, a couple of other noteworthy things happened this week besides me getting RSI from excessive tummy tickles, our bedroom wall getting wrecked, and the destruction of multiple bog rolls. The first thing is that Beanie and Biggles have once again helped us to personal best times while canicrossing at the Strathclyde parkrun 5k. Susan & Beanie soundly broke the 30 minute barrier (her first time with Beanie alone), and me and the Bigglet actually dipped below 23 minutes – which was even faster than the time I set when I ran with both our Beagles!

The other noteworthy event is somewhat.. “intimate”. Beanie has long enjoyed humping Susan’s leg, and this week she had what I can only describe as a “pee-gasm”. Just as her humping reached a crescendo, she peed on Susan’s leg. Not just a few little drops shaken loose by her exertions mind you, but a full-on wizz that left the lower portion of Susan’s jeans rather soggy. I bet you won’t see that on any episodes of Caesar Milan’s Dog Whisperer UK series!