Glencoe Day 3

Still tired from the previous day, we spent the morning following the Glencoe Lochan Trails. As far as I can tell, the Lochan is effectively the local park for Glencoe but unlike most parks it just happens to reside in one of the most beautiful locations in Scotland.

IMG_4818 - Lochan Trails Pano



IMG_4776 - Glencoe Lochan Trails

IMG_4834 - Tree bark, Lochan Trails


The trails are short but interesting, winding through woodland and around the water. The local wildlife is remarkably trusting; the ducks think nothing of swimming within a couple of feet of you, apparently unaware that to Beanie and Biggles they’re Happy Meals with webbed feet.

IMG_4847 - Glencoe Lochan Trails


As it turned out our Beaglets never got their Happy Meals, but there were so many sights, smells and sounds to experience that they didn’t seem to mind.



In the afternoon we decided to check out Signal Rock. The conventional route was closed due to a damaged bridge, but an alternative route was available starting at the Clachaig Inn. Much of the walk was through forest, but occasional gaps in the trees made for some beautiful views..

IMG_4856 - On the Way To Signal Rock

If any signalling was required, Beanie and Biggles were certainly up to the task. They both bayed their heads off whenever they got a scent, and additionally Biggles peed and farted his way right to the top of the rock.

IMG_4864 - The way up to Signal Rock

Steps behind the rock lead up to the top


“What are you doing down there Dad?”

Just like the ducks earlier, a little bird diced with death by landing within a foot of Biggles. Fortunately my boy was a bit slow on the uptake, but if the bird had done the same near Beanie, the outcome may have been rather different!


IMG_4880 - Lesson on Signal Rock

Beanie listens attentively to the “leave the birds alone lecture” but Biggles has heard it all before


The “signalling” continues long after we’ve left the rock!

On the way bag we stopped off at Glencoe Pass to get a closer look at the “Three Sisters of Glencoe”.

IMG_4908 - Three Sisters of Glencoe

IMG_4910 - Three Sisters of Glencoe (well, one of them)



I could just make out a few intrepid walkers following a path up the sisters, possibly to the “Lost Valley“. The path looked impossibly steep, and according to the guides I’d seen this was another trail that could end in death. Maybe we’ll do that one in years to come, if/when our pups aren’t quite so keen on “signalling”…

Back at the caravan park Beanie & Biggles had a final session of snoozy sunbathing, then next morning – just as the weather returned to its normal overcast state – we headed back home.


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  1. Rebecca

    Love the shot of the beagles looking down into the lake – classic! I’m really enjoying the lovely photos of Scotland – it actually looks quite similar to northern Michigan!

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