Beanie Goes Large


Beanie and Biggles have often used their tugging abilities to stretch one of my socks until it’s big enough fit a seven foot tall basketball player, and now they’ve tugged and tugged at their blog until it too has grown in size. This is a good thing because the little details of their adventures can now be seen more readily, though sadly until someone invents scratch and sniff computers, the smells are still left to the viewer’s imagination.

Speaking of smells, our vet probably raided the supermarket shelves for air fresheners after Beanie’s most recent visit. We took her in for a check up when she suffered a complete loss of appetite following an otherwise minor bout of sickness. As usual Beanie came away with a variety of costly pills and potions for a condition that would most likely have cleared up on its own, but during the course of the examination the vet spotted that her anal glands were kind of full and immediately set about emptying them. Now I’m well aware that anal gland secretions can be pretty foul; I’ve got a t-shirt that received a sample of Biggles’ botty juice and after two washes it still doesn’t smell right. What’s more, Susan has had a go at “milking” Biggles’ glands using the external method and that was pretty bad too, but until that vet visit we’d never witnessed a full purging of the glands using the finger-in-the-bum-hole method. The Beanie juice came out faster than expected, soiled the examination table, and within seconds filled the entire room with an aroma so gross that only the the Scots term “boufing” comes close to describing it. I’d had a roll and sausage not half an hour before and I’m telling you, it was a struggle to keep it down.


It’s never a good idea to get your nose this close to a Beagle bum hole, regardless of whether said Beagle’s anal glands have been recently expressed or not!

Anyway I’ve no idea whether the treatment helped hasten Beanie’s recovery, but in the space of 24 hours she was back to her food-stealing, tea-drinking ways and we were able to take her and Biggles out on a walk together again. For a change of scenery we decided to try out one of the trails around Dundonald castle, and to our surprise we got to enjoy a woodland walk of the length and quality that we’d normally find only in major country parks many miles away from home. We only explored a fraction of the trail, but what ground we did cover was sniffed very thoroughly and enthusiastically by our pups!



A fallen tree presents no obstacle to a pair of intrepid adventurers, even if they are a bit on the short side!

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  1. Paul Post author

    Cheers Sara! Susan did it really quickly, and I’m really pleased about being able to use a larger photo size with the posts.

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