Agility Antics

The weather was so nice today that we decided to have a little agility practice in the garden. I shouldn’t really call it practice as we aren’t practicing for anything – just having some fun together.





The big drawback of Paul handling Biggles is that we don’t get any lovely actions shots of our little boy (for those that don’t know, dad Paul is the photographer in the family). However, our boy Biggles is determined and come what may he always finds a way to get a little bit of the limelight:

And suddenly, as if by magic, a Biggle appeared!

I’m going to try taking over handling of Biggles. It will be tricky as Beanie and Biggles are like chalk and cheese and it’s all my fuddled little brain can cope with trying to keep up with Princess Beanie. Adding Master Biggles into the equation will no doubt cause a meltdown but we can but try!

Beanie in action:

And Master Biggles:

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