The Re-Sniffing

Running is all very well, but sometimes you need to take your time if you want to fully appreciate the sights and smells a place has to offer. For this reason we revisited part of the River Ayr trail for a thorough re-sniffing at walking pace.

Almost as soon as we arrived Beanie & Biggles indulged their latest habit of walking along the tops of walls.


Beanie got a bit of shock when she realised that she was actually quite high up and there was a sheer drop into the river on the other side. Her finely tuned reactions caused her immediately to brace herself against a possible fall:


Bloody hell that’s a long way down!

As always, Biggles was completely oblivious to such dangers. Only recently we were walking around the big pond at Irvine Beach Park when he fell in. How he managed it is a mystery but one second there was a dry Bigglet walking confidently along the side, and a second later there was a wet Bigglet bobbing up and down in the water, waiting for me to haul him back onto dry land. There’s no way his Biggleship is equipped to survive in the wilds without his support team! This time however no rescue was required. We made it off the wall, past the first signs of new growth (without peeing or trampling on any flowers), and on to the first section of the walk without any incidents.






The way I see it, a good walk should include the three ‘S’s:

1. Scrambling



2. Sniffing


Some sniffs must be pursued eagerly..


..while others deserve to be sampled calmly and at length

3. Scampering


I’m happy to report that this walk delivered in all respects, and though it was still a bit wet and muddy in places, the two furry tummies stayed relatively dry.




We’ve reached the turning point, and the white bits are still mostly white…

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  1. Gastromaniac

    Amazing photos, amazing dogs, amazing landscapes… Reading your blog is very inspiring! Thank you for sharing with us. Although I thought that I did plenty of activities with my beagle(Woody) it seems like nothing if I compare with you ;-)

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