Another Pointy Thing

Just when Beanie and Biggles had got used to their dad pointing a thing at them and making clicking noises now mum’s doing it too!

Until now a rare occurrence – a photo of the Beaglets with their dad

For a variety of reasons it’s started to make more and more sense for me to get into photography too.

  • We enjoy combining hiking, hill walking, canicross and photography and making a holiday of it – it’ll be nice for me to get involved in the photography
  • It gets tedious ‘Beagle sitting’ for hours on end while Paul takes “just one more!”
  • We rarely get pictures of Paul with the pups.
  • We’ve now got two cameras (Don’t ask me why! It sounded reasonable when Paul explained it to me.)
  • We’ve spent a small fortune on photography equipment so I can’t afford another hobby!

I’ve always enjoyed creative hobbies and love the post processing side of photography, but until now I’ve never been inspired to use the camera. Today on our walk we swapped roles for the first time and Paul puppy minded while I wandered about snapping everything in sight. My first piccy isn’t up to Paul’s standard but I just wanted to get comfortable using the camera. I’ll be practicing hard over the next couple of weeks ready for our Skye trip. So watch this space!!