New Year, Old Friends

We had a quiet New Year’s Eve at home with the dogs, hoping that they wouldn’t get stressed by the fireworks. Or at least it was meant to be quiet. One of our neighbours popped round just to let us know that they were having a party and to appologize in advance in case it got rowdy. As it turned out, we never heard a sound from the party, but we heard plenty from our two pups. Quite late at night Beanie decided to have a long distance shouting match with another, unseen dog. Little Biggles didn’t really know what it was all about, but he didn’t want to be left out and so provided the backing vocals. When we finally got them back inside they decided it was time for a noisy play fighting session, with Beanie doing her impersonation of a  disgruntled pirate (“Harrrrrr!”) and Biggles sounding like an old cassette tape played at tripple speed.

In the morning, we were woken by the unmistakable sound of Beanie vomiting. I’ve grown to really dread that sound since her swallowing episode, and it looked very much like she been at it again, because she regurgitated a grimy lump of aluminum foil. Not a good start to the New Year, though we subsequently found out that it had belonged to a boy who’d been playing with her in the park yesterday, and had wrapped a chunk of ham. Still not great news, but better than the idea that she’d been swallowing anything and everything on the ground.

Anyway, we put the vomiting session behind us and headed out to the park. I expected hardly anybody to be there, but I was proved very wrong. There was a big turnout, with lots of Beanie’s friends from the past year. Here are some of the better shots:


After some great chasing, Amber is hunted down by Penny and our two Beagles


Apparently she found the whole thing quite invigorating!


Time for more fun – come on Biggles, keep up!


Biggles tries unsuccessfully to gate-crash a play session between rising agility star Murphy and her pal..


..and has no better luck with Amber and Rannoch


No problem! He just starts his own game..


And Tara happily joins in. Success at last!


Beanie does the rounds..


..making sure she doesn’t miss out on any treats


Then while she plays with one half of the Jack Russell team..


Biggles sinks his teeth into the other half..


And joins in a final Beagle/JRT charge!