The Secret Life Of The Dog

In case you missed it, there was a really interesting programme on the Beeb on Thursday. It examined the relationship between humans and dogs and highlighted some interesting discoveries made recently:

  • The hormone involved in the bonding process between humans and babies may also play a part in the bond between humans and dogs
  • All dogs have their roots in the wolf, but there are genuine behavioral differences that have been brought about by selective breeding rather than through nurture
  • Dogs have mastered some pretty amazing human interaction skills – they readily understand the action of pointing and appear to study our facial expressions

I think one part of the program will bring a smile to Beagle owners in particular. It covers an experiment where wolf cubs were raised in the house just like regular pups to see if they’d grow up to behave like domestic dogs. They didn’t, and the person raising them commented on the behavioral differences she observed. For example, whenever she opened a cupboard the cubs would magically appear between her and the cupboard contents; they would jump onto tables, steal things and run off, and act very possessively over certain items. “Dogs don’t do this” she said. Apparently she’s never encountered a Beaglet.

Anyway, you can still catch the programme online via the Beeb’s “iPlayer”:

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  1. Susan

    Hi Kathleen, good to hear from you!!

    We hadn’t heard about CM at the SECC. We’re both interested in going so let us know if you find out more details.

    It’s probably too short notice, but I’m starting on a 6 week HWTM course tomorrow night in Ayr. I don’t suppose you fancy joining me? I’m alternating – taking Beanie one week and Biggles the next. I don’t know if there’s a place left for you but there might be.

  2. Kathleen


    Cesar Milan- SECC Sunday 14th March think there’s very few tickets left so if you’re interested you better book now.

    Thanks for the invite Susan, but don’t fancy it at the moment- took me a while to work out what HWTM stood for!!!!
    Spike fitted twice at the weekend, so want to keep an eye on him just now anyway and Neil’s out tomorrow night.Such a stressful illness to encounter-would like a few months breathing space at least where nothing horrible happens!!!

    Take care

  3. Susan

    You deserve some good luck for a change! Poor Spike. You know you just have to ask if there’s anything we can do to help.

    Thanks for the link.

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