Dancing Queen

Beanie and I have just got back from our first Heelwork to Music class. We went to a workshop a year or so ago and Beanie really seemed to enjoy it. We’ve signed up for a six week course with the same teacher (Heather Smith) and the plan is to take Beanie to the class one week and Biggles the next.

Here’s a video of our teacher Heather with her dog Skye at crufts:

Beanie was very good. It all got too exciting for her once or twice and she wandered off to raid the coats and bags that had been left on the chairs around the hall. But for most of the hour long class she didn’t take her eyes off me (or more accurately, my treat bag!). She learned all the tricks very quickly and enjoyed every minute of the class.

Paul and Biggles took the opportunity to have a boys’ night in, so sadly no photographs of the evenings shenanigans. Maybe next week!