Medicinal Bottoms


Breathe it all in Dad, it’s good for you…

I realize that the subject of flatulence comes up pretty regularly in my posts, but in my defense it is a core Beagle pastime, and what’s more there’s research suggesting that it’s actually good you:

We’ve always known that there are benefits for the player of the anal trumpet; I mean no-one wants their intestines to explode due to catastrophic build-up of pressure, right? But now it seems that the often unwilling inhaler of the botty-boom can also experience health benefits, because the primary gas involved (hydrogen sulphide) has beneficial effects on cell mitochondria. Or to put it another way, our farty Beagles might just be lowering our chances of suffering from stroke, heart failure, diabetes, arthritis and dementia.

Unfortunately one thing I noticed in the above article is that the professor behind the research talks about releasing the whoopee gas “slowly” and in “very small amounts”. I’m pretty sure that Biggles (in particular) and Beanie have different ideas from the Prof about what this means…

Anyway, to raise this latest post at least part way out of the gutter, here are some shots from our first proper garden play session of 2015. Since the start of the year our rear lawn has been flooded, pelted by hail, deep-frozen and ravaged by gale-force winds but now – finally – we’re getting some less extreme weather and the toys are out!

Frosted Biggles [IMG_4595]





10 Replies to “Medicinal Bottoms”

  1. bagel

    love the first photo LOL. its great that you guys can let the beags play and roam freely outside, thats a rare quality for beagles

  2. Paul Post author

    Thanks bagel, although it’s not exactly free roaming – our garden is like a fortress, with solid fencing down the sides, and a small river behind the rear fence. But they do get genuine freedom on the beach in small doses a few times each week, which is really great for them :)

  3. Susan in DE

    Based on the amount of beagle gas that we have inhaled here, we are going to be immortal! Interestingly enough, in the 10 years we’ve had Josie, she very rarely has been gassy. The late Jordan and current Lady (who really ain’t no Lady) are like Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass.

  4. Sue in Texas

    What a beautiful animal, gas and all. Luckily we do not have this issue with ours. Every other Beagle trait, just not this one. Yeah for us!!!!

  5. Paul Post author

    Only when they’ve had a roll in something really gross and spot cleaning won’t cut it. Over the last couple of years I reckon they’ve only had about a couple of baths each! It was much more frequent than that before we moved to Ayrshire; they tend to self-clean on the beach (sometimes I intentionally run them through the waves to give ’em a wash) and generally any rolls in the garden don’t get them properly covered in.. whatever :)

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