Skid Marks and other signs of speeding

Beanie & Biggles prepared for Sunday’s racing with a number of warm up laps in our garden. Unfortunately this occurred just a few minutes after their post breakfast number twos, and being a bit lazy on Sunday mornings, neither of us had bothered to perform the ritual poo harvest. The result? Well this picture will give you the general idea..


Now that’s a skid mark and no mistake!

If Biggles looks unhappy it’s because I made it very clear to him that he wasn’t getting back into the house until I’d given his arse a thorough wiping. I didn’t have any pet wipes to hand so I ended up using a box of Tesco’s finest moistened and perfumed bum wipes that we were keeping back for guests. When I need to wipe my rear I end up using “value” bog roll; when Biggles has a skid mark, he gets the top notch stuff. It’s not fair, and Caesar Milan would not approve at all. Anyway, let’s talk racing.

There was a good turnout this week, thanks mainly to a lot of new faces. Racing was delayed a little until the whippets finished up, so the day started with an impromptu dog show. Biggles placed fourth and got a lovely green rosette to add to his collection. It’s just a pity the powers that be didn’t also have a motor show, because racing regular Jan would have won easily with her new customized wheels:


The opening races were just for fun, to get the newbies introduced to the track. Beanie won her first round easily, storming past the finish line in her favorite racing color: red.


Biggles was in the second race, and apparently was so laid back on the start line that he kept rolling over for a tummy tickle. That’s just not the sort of behavior you expect from a serious racing dog, and I’m sure he’d have been disqualified if the ref had spotted him. As it was, he got his act together when the lure started moving. He was up against a newbie and Chief, who is normally no slouch. Today however Chief was in a silly mood, and seemed more interested in Biggles’ bottom than lure. Perhaps my Tesco finest bum wipe had failed to completely remove all remnants of the earlier skid mark. Regardless, while Chief buzzed around Biggles’ rear end, our determined little boy just kept on running and deservedly won the race.


Chief checks up on Biggles’ woeful lack of personal hygiene


He gets serious about the race in the last few yards – but it’s too late!


Biggles chalks up another victory!


Never underestimate the Biggly boy!

In amongst the “normal” races, we also had a handicapped “points” race. Beanie won the first such race last week, so she ended up starting several yards behind Murphy, last year’s Derby champ and winner of the recent Open. She ran well and managed to close the gap somewhat, but it wasn’t enough to deny Murphy his victory. However, as the winner of a points race, Murphy will be joining Beanie at the back of the field next week.


Other noteworthy moments from Sunday included Beanie triumphantly seizing the lure as she won another of the regular races:






Cosmo the Tasmanian Devil disguised as a border terrier doing much the same:



And Jan’s Abbey pushing through another spot of unruly behavior to win one of her races:



Finally, here are a few more shots from Sunday.







There are more pictures from Sunday’s racing – you’ll find the full set (two pages worth) at the following link. Some photos are available in larger sizes – just click on the photo you like, then click All Sizes when the next Flickr page loads:[email protected]/sets/72157618707174201/detail/