Will Beanie & Biggles Be The First Beagles on Mars?

There’s a new mission to Mars due for launch towards the end of 2011, and Beanie & Biggles have got their names on the passenger list. They’ve been so mischievous lately we figured that sending them to another planet was the only way to get some peace!

Seriously though, the roving laboratory (called “Curiosity”) that’s at the heart of the new mission will be carrying a chip with the name of anybody and everybody who expresses an interest by completing the following online form:


I read about it in The Register and signed up Beanie and Biggles last night. It’s free, takes only seconds, and I really like the idea of an intrepid robot going walkies on Mars with names of our two pups tucked away in its belly.

Here are their participation certificates:

Mars BeanieMars Biggles

4 Replies to “Will Beanie & Biggles Be The First Beagles on Mars?”

  1. Angela Bryant

    I’m picturing Beanie and Biggles in little astronaut spacesuits, their long, beagly ears afloat in their bubble helmets! :)

  2. Paul Post author

    I’m sure Nasa will make room for you Kirby. Of course that would mean three dogs on board and you know what your Mum says about threesomes!! :)

    Hehe.. I somehow don’t think Beanie & Biggles would like having to wear doggy space suits. The helmet would stop Beanie picking the pockets of any passing Martians, and Biggles would be condemned to breath the noxious gases pumped into the suit by his toxic bum :D

  3. Natalie Hughes

    Oh that is too cute! Couldn’t resist doing it for our beagle William. Beanie and Biggles will have good company. I can picture them in their little space suits :D To infinity and beyond!

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