Zero No More!

Today Biggles’ integer age went from zero to one. That’s right, the world has been 100% more Biggly for a whole year.

Previously we’d been for a trip to¬† Wizard of Paws to do some birthday shopping. It’s one of the few pet shops near us that actually allows pets inside to browse, and straight away we’d found something that made both their eyes light up:


Yep those are genuine pig snouts. If you find that picture pretty revolting, you’re gonna love the reverse view:


Needless to say on Birthday morning Biggles quickly located the package that contained his pig snout and tore it open..


There’s no shortage of interesting packages, and even an edible rawhide card…


…but after the briefest of sniffs his nose knows where the pig’s nose is

There was as you can imagine a bit of a delay before he got round to checking out his other prezzies, and predictably the most expensive one – a big blue “boomer ball” – received the least attention.


The wrapping paper went down a storm though..

IMG_4538 did his new tug rope:


That was followed by a bit of play with his big sister, who duly gave him her gift of birthday bumps.



Then of course there was a bit of birthday cake (sardine flavored in this case):


That still left one more surprise for the evening:


The one on the right is mine. I love my boy, but he ain’t drinking my Stella!

He may be old enough for doggie beer, but he only got a brief taste of it. As a teenaged male Beagle he’s already stroppy enough without the aid of booze, and anyway if he wakes up with a hangover he can always try the traditional cure (hair of the dog)!

Finally, a short video of some of the other ‘firsts’ in Biggly boy’s life:

5 Replies to “Zero No More!”

  1. Tess, Tara and Clara

    Happy birthday Biggles. Hard to believe you are one year old already. Loved the montage.

  2. Kathleen

    Belated Happy 1st birthday Biggles from all the Mochuisle beagles.
    Chino wants to know where you get the boomer balls from? as his Mummy found him nosing around a soft football in the garden(someone must have flung it in?) but Mummy spoiled his fun and took it off him as she had visions of a big op at the vet hospital to remove hardened plastic from his blocked intestines!!
    Nollaig still fighting on.

  3. Susan

    We got the boomer ball from Wizard of Paws. But neither of them are the slightest bit interested in it. So unless they suddenly take an interest I’ll give you ours next time I see you!

    We got some giant tennis balls (football sized) out of Tescos and Biggles loved them, but I think it was because with a HUGE effort he could burst them. The boomer ball is indestructable and therefore pointless to our two!

    Keeping everything crossed for Nollaig!!!!

    Lure coursing is on this Sunday…..I don’t suppose you fancy coming? It is a long day so probably not suitable for you right now.

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