Burn Anne Historic Walk

With all the wet weather we’ve been having walks can get a bit tedious….unless you find somewhere new and interesting to explore every day. And in Ayrshire we’re spoilt for choice!

Today Google suggested that we try the “Burn Anne Historic Walk” around Threepwood Farm in Galston. Threepwood is a 420 acre working farm with both sheep and cattle. There’s actually a choice of 5 walks in and around the farm land ranging from 2 to over 7 miles long. There’s parking at the farm, a superb pet shop (best we’ve found in the area) full of goodies for little Beaglets and also some lovely stuff for gardens such as planters and handcrafted garden ornaments.


Dogs are very welcome. We bumped into one of the farm workers (OK, I admit it. We got lost again and he put us back on track – never let a Beagle lead the way!!!) and he assured as that we were free to go anywhere on the farm and that the animals wouldn’t be upset by Beanie and Biggles baying. Although obviously dogs must be kept on lead at all times.


The Burn Anne Historic Walk takes you along picturesque country roads, through fields (full of sheep and cows), woodlands and along the bank of the Burn Anne. The walk is abundant in flora, fauna and wildlife and this is described in detail on little information boards along the way. There are also boards with details of the rich history in the area.






Despite the subtle little path and the information boards along the way it doesn’t feel like a typical country park walk. The conservation work has been so beautifully done – unspoilt nature but better! It reminded me of when I was a child when I used to know all the great off-the-beaten-track places to explore in the countryside.



A fabulous place for the dogs – so much to see, hear and smell. I think this is going to be one of our regular walks! If you haven’t been there then you must try it – it really is beautiful. And SO relaxing.




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