Dr. Biggles and Mr Hyde

We’ve always let our pups out of their crates and into our bed for a few minutes of snuggles before we get up, and they love it, but now it’s getting really cold they’re particularly eager to get under the covers with us on a morning. While they appreciate us sharing our bed with them, they’re not quite so generous; we often end up getting pushed out of bed as they stretch out. Clearly the bed’s not big enough for four of us, but sometimes it’s not even big enough for two of us, and a squabble breaks out..


It seems peaceful enough at first..


Then our two bedroom gladiators lock eyes..


And suddenly the fight is on!


It’s a no holds-barred punch up and it brings out a side of our little boy that others rarely see


The transformation begins…


and the normally mild mannered Dr. Biggles becomes..


Mr Hyde!

In addition to chewing each other, our pups also like to chew rawhide, paddywhack, pigs ears and tripe sticks. In a bid to save a bit of money I ordered up a big 5Kg box of paddywhack rather than getting the small, overpriced packets in the supermarket. It came just a couple of days ago and I’m happy to say it looks like a good deal, but there is a slight problem; unlike the stuff in the supermarket packs, this paddywhack hasn’t been cut into small chunks. I’d never tried cutting paddywhack until now, and the stuff is like iron!

Scissors? Forget it!

Garden shears? Not a chance!

I ended up breaking out the power tools. Really. I spent a good fifteen minutes stood out in the freezing cold cutting up the foot-long strips of tendon and ligament with my jigsaw. By the time I’d finished the blade was nearly blunt – and this is the stuff we give to our doggies for a recreational chewing session! It  shows just how powerful our Beagles’s chewing gear is – if I tried to crunch down on this stuff I’d be spitting out broken teeth for sure.

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  1. Natalie

    ROTFLMAO! Oh dear. Those photos are brilliant. Ah still gotta love Dr Biggles/Mr Hyde. Hope that Beanies ear was still intact afterwards. Unlike our boy who managed to put a hole in Saffy’s ear the last time they had a falling out.

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