Beagles in Print

A while ago Beanie and Biggles’ exploits caught the attention of a journalist writing for the RBS and Nat West magazine, Sense. She was particularly interested in their canicross adventures. She wrote a short article about Paul, Beanie and Biggles and the publishers sent along photographer Murdo Macleod to take photographs.

I was over the moon when this photo appeared with the article as a double paged spread in the current edition of Sense. As Paul is the photographer in our family it’s very rare to get a nice picture of him with Beanie and Biggles.

photo copyright Murdo Mcleod

Murdo also took some other lovely photos which he kindly sent to us.

photo copyright Murdo Mcleod

photo copyright Murdo Mcleod

2 Replies to “Beagles in Print”

  1. Julia

    Lovely photos! And together, you get a nice view of the sporting Beagle, versus the calm & serene looking Beagle. Because we live in the city, people often comment on my two for being so cute — I wish they could see that top photo to get an idea of Beagle power. I hope you frame these. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Susan Post author

    Julia, people often comment on how well behaved and quiet Beanie and Biggles are. I’m sure some think I make it up when I say they can be tricky!! I agree – it all depends upon circumstances. When their instincts kick in they are WILD!! You can’t really control them as such….just direct their energy in the direction you want it to go.

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