Beach Bum Beagle #2


We went back to Irvine Beach this morning. The BBC Weather tide tables served us well and we had a fair amount of beach to walk on, decent weather and, most importantly, some great chums for Beanie to play with.

Best of all was Bailey – pictured above – a Boxer pup around about the same age as Beanie. They hit it off straight away, playing chase both on the beach and in the water. While rummaging around just offshore, treasure hunter Bailey made a superb find – a battered milk container. The milk inside wasn’t just “off”, it was mature cheese – a true delicacy, and worthy of further chasing.


For me though, there was one really memorable moment on the walk. It happened when we met Rory, a gorgeous fun-loving retriever:


Rory was clearly very at home in the sea, and with a little coaxing Beanie followed him in and actually swam!


The tennis ball that was used for the coaxing (just visible in the above picture) was lost of course. It turns out that although Rory is a Retriever, he doesn’t. Retrieve that is. And as for Beanie, well it’s a small miracle any time we come back from a walk with an intact tennis ball.

Other points to note from this walk:

  1. Ben. He was great chum too, and he had a tennis ball that squeaks.DSC01583
  2. Seaweed is damn tasty!DSC01479
  3. Beagles can fly:FlyingBeagle

Finally here’s a slideshow of more shots from the beach.