My New Baby Brother has Arrived!

Mum and dad told me that I’d be getting a baby brother soon and that I was to look after him and play nicely.

Well, today at the crack of dawn a BIG box came from Auntie Kathleen and Uncle Neil and it had MY name on it! What else can it be – it must be my little brother Biggles! Yay! :)

Mum made me take it out onto the deck to open it. It was REALLY exciting.

It took me ages to open it – Biggles was all snuggled up in a little bed inside the box.

Then he got out of bed and barked. You’ve never heard such a weird sounding noise. I wasn’t frightened. I just stayed back in case he was scared of me. I barked at him a bit to make him feel welcome and some of the other dogs that live near me joined in. I think Biggles was pleased because he made that funny noise and gave me a treat.

Thank you Autie Kathleen, Uncle Neil and all my buddies at Mochuisle Beagles for the lovely present!!!

Love Beanie

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  1. Susan Westlake

    Kathleen and Neil – thank you so much for Beanie’s present. Already she’s coming running when she hears it, so I don’t think we’ll ever have problems getting her in from the garden again! It’s a lovely idea!!!

    (In case you’re wondering why her crate is in the middle of the lawn in the video – it’s blocking her latest escape route to Australia :) )

  2. Kathleen Macdonald

    You’re more than welcome, just a small gesture to demonstrate how grateful Neil and I are for helping us set up our own website! When I was playing back the video I was laughing because ‘the four legged gang’ heard the singing jar and were salivating at the patio doors waiting for THEIR treat,so I had to oblige!! Great example of ‘Pavlov’s dog’ in action!!

  3. Angela Bryant

    Beanie is a lovely beagle girl and your website is great! I saw the link courtesy of Beagles on the Web. It’s great to find other fun beagle sites and know that owners love their merry little hounds as much as I love mine. Kisses and “Aroooos!” from across the pond here in the U.S.

    Angela Bryant
    Kansas City, Missouri, USA

  4. River

    I came to your site via Beagles on the Web. I love it! Come visit us, We’re part of Dogs with Blogs with hundreds of dog blogs throughout the world. Beanie would have qualified for some of our Pawlimpics events with her great leaping ability! May I add you as a furfriend? Come see our site. We’re a housefull of beagles!

    River the Beagle and his mom

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