More Racing and Beanie’s Celebrity Status

In my last post about road racing I mentioned that we’d been in touch with Paul Worthy Gardner in the States in connection with some 5k and 10k races that he’s been organising for dogs and their people for the past few years. He’s planning races in London and Scotland next year.

He’s sent us a photo of the start of their Norwich race…

 The start of the Dog Run Dog race in Norwich, VT, USA

…and also a YouTube video of a TV interview he appeared in over in America where he talked about the DogRunDog races. Here’s the clip – wind forward to 7 minutes and listen for about 20 seconds…

Yep, that’s OUR Beanie he’s talking about! Beanie’s been on American TV….well, sort of. :)

Paul’s planning a trip over in the Autumn, and he’s looking for ideas for a venue for the Scottish race.