The Price Of Fame

A few months ago I committed the ultimate sin of photographing the Beanster in one of her most private moments.

Beagle Comfort Break

That photo made it into the latest edition of In Full Cry, the magazine produced by the UK’s Beagle Welfare charity, which happens to be Beanie’s favorite publication. I was rather pleased about that, but I don’t think Beanie appreciated having her toilet habits exposed in print.


Oh boy am I in trouble now…

There have since been repercussions: a slice of cake that was destined for my mouth ended up in Beanie’s, assorted mail has been torn up, and I’ve been subjected to a number of disruptive and often noisy visits when I’ve been working at my computer.


Biggles on the other hand would like nothing more than to have his chance at fame, even if it means compromising his modesty. All this attention for Beanie has hit him so hard he’s even considered relocating to another home.


Just seal me up and post me off to someone who’ll appreciate me properly..

Happily my little boy was dissuaded from this rather drastic course of action by a tummy tickle and a couple of chews. After all, every Beagle has his price.

5 Replies to “The Price Of Fame”

  1. Joe

    I love the picture of Beanie appearing from under the desk. Our beagle does this at the kitchen table normally at some point during eating a meal. After a while will pace around the kitchen, then she will move under the table and finally her head will appear in a lap. I think it is her way of saying “Have you finished yet humies? I’d like my food please”.

  2. Julie Gill

    The look on Beanie’s face is priceless!!! Ours aren’t so subtle about asking for food at mealtimes; rather than appearing under the table they sit alongside us and watch every mouthful that goes in, like they’re watching a tennis match. If that doesn’t work they resort to the beagle ‘aren’t I cute, don’t you want to feed me’ look. It never fails, we’re complete pushovers!

  3. Paul Post author

    @Joe: Thanks! To be honest most of Beanie’s visits are food-related too, but occasionally she just pops up from under the desk for attention.

    @Julie: Thanks Julie – Beanie’s very good at the disapproving look, and she can also do a pretty good Clint Eastwood impersonation at times (albeit a ginger Clint Eastwood with big floppy ears).

  4. Susan in DE

    Awesome photos and stories as always, Paul! Ah yes, the Clint Eastwood look … Josie can do it, complete with the squint. Once when I took her for a stroll at the barn, she and the barn cat spotted each other down the aisle, both froze and started staring, and I swear I heard the theme music from, “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” playing. Lady has the dinner table eyes thing down, rapidly switching from staring intently at where the food is, and gazing into your eyes looking utterly starved.

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